University of Limerick (UL)

Thesis in Three

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As part of the Bernal Research Day on the 23rd of November 2017, University of Limerick Students competed in the Thesis in Three Competition. Students were asked to present their research in three minutes with a panel of judges selecting the winners.

University of Limerick Workshop Series

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Over the past months, UL researchers have conducted a scientific workshop series for primary and secondary school students. The researchers gained valuable outreach experience as they simplified and communicated crystallisation, polymers, medicine and conflict minerals.

Physics Busking with the University of Limerick

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During December 2017, UL students took part in Physics Busking, an Institute of Physics (IOP) initiative that brings physics into the public realm. The event took place at the Milk Market in Limerick where students demonstrated numerous physics phenomena to the hundreds of visitors on the day.

Career Talks by the University of Limerick

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As part of the RACE program, numerous students conducted career talks with local schools. This is to show students how they can progress from the science classroom into any aspect of scientific research. The various talks took place in November 2017.